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    “Swim upstream.  Go the other way.  Ignore Conventional Wisdom.” – Sam Walton, founder, Walmart 

    At Walmart, we do things differently. Always have. Our entrepreneurial spirit drove us to become the largest retailer in the world and we’re growing and innovating every day. With almost 90,000 associates, Walmart Canada is our country’s third-largest employer.

    Every associate can make a positive difference and get noticed. In 2011, over 5,000 associates were promoted in Canada and countless more were honoured through a variety of other recognition programs. What's more, career mobility at Walmart is legendary. Our associates seize the many opportunities to grow within the company, sometimes even taking their talent to other parts of the world.


  • Company Culture

      What you’ve heard is true; we do a Walmart cheer. After all, when you have fun working, you’ll love what you do. Our associates are driven to succeed but we never take ourselves too seriously.  You can feel it when you walk in our doors- our energy and passion make Walmart a special place to be.

      Walmart is recognized by Waterstone Human Capital as having one of Canada's top 10 corporate cultures. It stems from our belief in individual respect, excellence and service to our customers. Our beliefs are more than posters on the wall – we walk the talk. These are the values we live each and every day. ...

  • Social Responsibility

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      'Save money. Live Better' isn’t just a tag line, we live it.

      Walmart Canada has one of the of the largest and strongest community involvement programs in Canada. In 2011, we raised and donated $23 million or $442,000 weekly to support more than one thousand charities and organizations in need.  We look at ways to make long-lasting impacts in communities around the country by supporting programs which help families in need, like healthcare, hunger, education, and disaster relief.

      Like you, we care about the environment. Last year, we diverted 85% of waste from Canadian landfills and were recognized as a global leader in sustainability. The way we see it, living better is more than just saving money. Our associates are proud of the company they work for and prove it through the success they achieve. That's living better.    ...