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  • Come work for a company that loves you. Virgin Mobile Canada is part of the Virgin Mobile group of companies, where all around the world we’ve attracted more than 18 million Members. Virgin Mobile Canada rewards, entertains and connects like no one else, delivering the hottest phones on the hottest 4G network.  

    At Virgin Mobile, we don’t have “customers”, we have Members. Our Members get access to exclusive music events, VIP treatment, and killer music, entertainment, fashion and travel discounts from the world’s must-have brands. From our Members to everyone that works here, we’re part of something special. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join us and make Virgin Mobile even more awesome, then read on, my friend, and let’s spread the awesomeness around.

  • Company

      Virgin around the world
      There are over 50,000 people working at more than 200 Virgin businesses around the world. In 2009, Virgin’s worldwide revenue was over $10 billion Canadian dollars. That’s billion…with a “B.” And you ain’t seen nothing yet…

      Virgin Mobile Canada
      Virgin Mobile came to Canada in 2005 to shake up the mobile phone industry and give Canadians a better, simpler deal. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

  • Working Environment

      “Convention dictates that a company looks after its shareholders first, its customers next, and last of all worries about its employees. Virgin does the opposite.

      For us, our employees matter most. It just seems common sense to me that, if you start off with a happy well motivated workforce, you’re much more likely to have happy customers. And in due course the resulting profits will make your shareholders happy.”

      Richard Branson


      So, what's working at Virgin Mobile really like?

      Expect the unexpected.

      • Our customer contact centre and corporate office have no dress code. We want you to be yourself and feel comfortable. That's when the best ideas happen.   ...

  • Company Culture

      Virgin Mobile people are easy to spot. It’s because they’re not afraid to stand out. And working at Virgin Mobile is all about the people. If you’re honest, optimistic, playful, street smart, bold and have a passion for creative unbeatable experiences that keeps you up at night, then you’re probably what we like to call a Virgin Mobile person.

      We dare to be different. We know how to stand up and fight for something we believe in. Convention means nothing, while creativity means everything. It can’t be faked or taught, it just comes naturally. Because “unnatural” is something a Virgin Mobile person would simply never be. ...

  • Compensation

       Do good and get rewarded.

      At Virgin Mobile we work hard and make big things happen. We thrive on creativity and passion. When you go above and beyond and really knock it out of the park, then we think you deserve to be rewarded and thanked for being awesome.

      You get paid here in two different ways: base salary and incentive pay.

      Your base salary is what you get paid to do your job.

      Your incentive pay depends on your performance and Virgin Mobile’s over-all performance. It can change from year to year, but how well you do will determine how much you get rewarded.



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