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  • A Legacy of Quality, Value, Service and Trust

    Welcome to Sears, one of the largest, most successful and diverse companies in Canada.

    You've heard of our department stores and catalogue business, but did you know that Sears has the largest travel service and is the largest online retailer in the country? Not to mention our furniture and appliance stores or home installed products and services.

    With 37,000 associates and hundreds of locations, if you are looking for a career opportunity, we've got one for you!

    We are looking for people with a passion to grow, build trust and have an impact. Opportunities to grow here are as endless as the number and type of careers we have to offer. Building trust is core to our business and regular customer and associate surveys help ensure that we do it well. The bottom line? If you want to have an immediate impact, then you should consider joining Sears.

    At Sears Canada it is our commitment to provide a healthy working environment and to take every precaution reasonable to ensure the safety of all our associates and customers.

  • Company

      The story of Sears Canada is a tremendous journey of discovery. It is the story of growth and success of a great enterprise and a retail icon Canadian consumers have come to trust for great value.

      If you are looking for an opportunity to grow, an environment of trust, and an immediate impact, you've come to the right place. Sears offers all of those things and more. With successful businesses across the country in areas such as retail, merchandising, marketing and information technology, there is a place for anyone with a passion to succeed.

      We are looking for people with a passion to grow, build trust and have an impact. Our associates make a difference by sharing their ideas on how to continuously improve. In fact, we have a program that recognizes associates for every improvement they make to their business. We are looking for associates who are committed to our customers, to each other, and ultimately, to our shareholders. And our annual Awards of Excellence, recognizes top associates and teams who demonstrate these values. We may be looking for someone just like you! ...

  • Career Advancement Opportunities

      What makes Sears attractive to our many associates?
      An opportunity to grow.

      Did you know that Sears does far more than retail? We have the largest travel business and most successful long distance telephone service in the country, not to mention our home installed products and services, and many other professional areas. As you can see, the variety of career opportunities here are immense. Even better, our associates are actively encouraged to move within the company. From sales associate to IT specialist to logistics manager, your career is only limited by your own ambition at Sears.

      And we don't just give you the opportunity to grow. We give you the tools you need to get where you want to go. Every one of our associates has free access to "Leap - Unleash Your Potential", a range of over 700 learning tools available via CD, video or in print. With these tools and your commitment, you can develop yourself in order to meet both business and career goals. ...

  • Learning & Development

      Sears Future Leaders Program

      The Sears Future Leaders program is an exciting new opportunity for people to gain the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience needed to launch a meaningful and successful career in the fast paced, challenging and rewarding world of retail.

      The Sears Future Leaders program is an 18-month blend of formal learning, job shadowing, structured work assignments, and personalized coaching and mentoring that gives future leaders a deeper understanding of Sears Canada’s business, customers and the retail industry at large. Participants learn from skilled trainers, passionate subject matter experts, and Sears executives from across the organization. ...

  • Relationships

      What makes our associates so proud to be a part of Sears?

      An environment of trust. It's no surprise that Sears is consistently rated by Canadians as one of the most trusted companies in Canada. Why? Because our customers trust us to deliver on our promises. And our associates are trusted to act in the customer's best interest.

      In fact, our associates come to work each day knowing that their leaders are committed to providing a supportive and positive environment. Did you know that we regularly survey our associates on such areas as leadership, communication, and day-to-day management? And we don't just survey. We communicate it to the entire company and hold managers accountable to continuously improve in those areas. Now that's commitment! ...

  • Social Responsibility

      Sears In Your Community

      The Sears In Your Community program features the ability for local stores to better report Sears support of their local and national charity partners to our customers.  Our stores are encouraged to create and foster strong community links with their charity partner, as well local community groups, providing a place for charities to come in-store and publicize their programs.  Sears has a strong tradition of caring for our communities and for our children and youth.

      Sears Canada remains actively committed to the dual causes of children’s cancer charities and after-school programming for children and youth. ...