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    At Oxford University Press, we’re focused on the future. But we remain true to the tradition of excellence that has been our mainstay for more than five centuries.

    Our origins date back to the last “new media” revolution. –That’s right, the one sparked by Johann Gutenberg and his invention of the printing press. Today we still publish lots and lots of books—more than 6,000 each and every year.

    Books, however, are just part of the picture. Oxford is a world leader in digital publishing. We pioneered academic e-publishing with our Oxford Scholarship Online program, which made thousands of works in the humanities and social sciences available in electronic format for the world’s scholars. Oxford Dictionaries Online represents the gold standard in digital reference, and Oxford Bibliographies Online promises to revolutionize the world of scholarly research.

    Our educational publishing divisions are equally forward-looking. In Canada, our Higher Education Division has tripled in size in barely a decade. Each year it publishes more than 60 texts and 150 online learning centres designed for a wide range of undergraduate courses. Our School Division’s Oxford Next Online Shakespeare Project has won plaudits from educators across Canada for bringing the Bard into the 21st century. And our English/Language Training Division is a world leader in print and online resources for English language learners.

  • Company

      Oxford University Press—“OUP” as it’s often called—is among the world’s largest and oldest publishing companies even though, strictly speaking, we’re not a company at all. A department of the University of Oxford, OUP furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Any surplus generated through our activities is directed toward the publication of works that further our mission, or to encouraging and sustaining the research on which such works may be based. Oxford offices are ...

  • Career Advancement Opportunities

      Interested in working with ideas? Then Oxford may be for you.

      Publishing is about more than words on a page or pixels on a screen. The form in which we deliver our products may change over time. Ink on paper may give way to digital files held in cloud computing centres. (Though, truth to tell, the printed book still seems to have some life left in it yet.) But those are just the external manifestations of our industry. Ideas are what it’s really all about. And ideas transcend the limitations of the products and devices used to transmit them, in the process becoming the most powerful forces for change known to humanity. ...

  • Company Culture

      The pursuit of excellence motivates everything we do at Oxford. A five-century history of publishing preeminence can sometimes seem a daunting standard to uphold. But the accomplishments of the past are strong motivation to excel today—and tomorrow.

      Publishing is a complicated process. The production of print and online resources alike requires close coordination of a team made up of authors, editors, designers, formatters, printers, salespeople and marketers—a team that may be spread across the country or even around the world.

      If you join Oxford, you’ll be joining a team of creative and committed professionals. One thing unites us—a passion to create the best possible books and educational resources that we can, and then get them into the hands of scholars and readers across Canada. ...

  • Working Environment

      Oxford’s offices are located in Canada’s premier urban village, The Shops at Don Mills, at the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Don Mills Road in North York.

       Our modern, open-concept floor plan was designed to encourage the lively exchange of ideas among employees. Wireless Internet access throughout the office, numerous AV-equipped meeting rooms both large and small, and convenient working spaces designed for “flash” meetings all inspire a climate of collaboration and cooperation.

       Our location is commuter-friendly, with easy access to major transit routes and free on-site parking. And beyond the offices themselves, The Shops at Don Mills offer a wide range of shopping and dining experiences, whether it’s the convenience of Starbucks or Tim Hortons just steps away, lively lunch spots Joey’s, Jack Astor’s, and South St. Burger, boho-chic home décor retailer Anthropologie, or Salomon Sports’ very first branded outlet in North America. A town square is home to concerts and other special events and features an oval ice-skating rink ...