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  • Why Join KPMG?

    When you join KPMG, you are not only joining a network of more than 140,000 professionals in over 146 countries, you are part of a team of people who are dedicated to client service excellence. Leveraging the skills, knowledge, financial resources, and passion of our firm and our people allows us to serve our clients with uncompromising professionalism, cutting though complexity to provide valuable insight—in Canada and around the world. Whether you are travelling the world as part of an international client engagement, or working with talented professionals right here in Canada, your career will benefit from joining a global player like KPMG. Why join KPMG? Because the opportunities are limitless.

  • Company Culture

      KPMG’s priority is with its people. Our value as an attractive employer lies in the respect that we have for the diverse backgrounds, talents, and contributions of our people. We foster an open inclusive culture where ideas will be heard and contributions are recognized.  Our people are passionate, highly skilled professionals who work together to drive innovation and create value for our clients. We take pride in our firm, our communities, and each other.

  • Career Advancement Opportunities

      In a world where high performing professionals have a choice of where to grow their careers, we continue to create innovative programs that allow us to attract and develop top talent from a diverse workforce. KPMG is a respected global player in the world of business for providing professional development, challenging work, promotions, and rewards. This international influence translates into a world of opportunities for you.

  • Learning & Development

      At KPMG, we don't believe in "one-size-fits-all" training. We understand and value the benefits that lifelong learning can bring you both professionally and personally.We invest heavily in developing all our people to their full potential because we know that the stronger you are as an individual, the stronger we are as a firm. Our integrated KPMG Business School, mentoring program, and unparalleled on-the-job learning will give you the tools necessary to become the professional you aspire to be. When you join our team, you will be empowered to set challenging goals for ...

  • Social Responsibility

      At KPMG, participation in the community is part of the job. We are passionate about strengthening our relationships with our communities and recognize that our opportunity to have a positive impact extends beyond our client work.

      Community Leader is part of our business strategy and performance management process. It provides the mandate, the opportunities and the support for how we will contribute to the success of our communities as an organization and as individuals. By leveraging our personal experience we strive to affect social change.

      We believe that for our communities to thrive, every one of our people must take an active role. By integrating the Community Leader strategy into our annual goal setting process, we hold each and every one of our people accountable for their participation in the program. ...