• Insight-Canada-Inc.
  • Company overview

    Insight Moves Your Technology Goals Forward

    Insight's unique model combines an array of advanced services and expert technical resources with a far-reaching supply chain to provide you the level of solution support you need – whenever you need it. Our technology practices bring deep technical skills in vital solution areas to help you implement strategic technologies. Our Lifecycle and Management Services give you new ways to balance changing IT priorities and limited resources.´╗┐


    From competitively priced computers, hardware and software to services ranging from basic configuration to advanced design implementation and financing, we solve the IT needs of businesses and organisations of all sizes. We bring together expert knowledge, vendor accreditations and a full global presence, all with the aim of acting as Your Trusted IT Advisor.


    Insight Enterprises Fast Facts

    • $4.1 billion revenue in 2009
    • Over 4,900 employees worldwide
    • Offices in 24 countries
    • Trading in 170 countries
    • Trading in 13 currencies
    • Communications in 17 languages
    • Market leading technology accreditations
    • Multiple international awards
    • 60,000 global clients
    • Market leading eCommerce tools
    • NASDAQ listed
    • Fortune 1000 business (2010 Rank: #502)


    Insight Canada Fast Facts

    • Over 250 employees nationwide
    • Offices in 4 provinces (Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta)
    • Communications in both official languages
    • Market leading technology accreditations