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    This is where it all starts.

    Start a career with Enterprise, and show the world you’re serious about your future. In our Management Training Program, you’ll learn how to run a million-dollar business, lead a team of professionals and get your sales and marketing techniques down to an art and a science. It’s an opportunity to reach higher than you ever thought possible. That’s why we have repeatedly been recognized as a great place to launch a career. Are you ready to see how far you can GO?

    Our program is known throughout the business community at large– because we set the standard for training future leaders. And the reason is simple. As the world’s largest rental car company, our hands-on learning environment is uniquely designed to give you real-world experience and help you reach your full potential. We are a global industry leader and our network of neighborhood and airport locations gives you the opportunity to work almost anywhere across Canada.

    Your journey begins as you learn to run a successful business. Our intensive program builds on your entrepreneurial spirit and gives you the skill set – a virtual on-the-job MBA – to make the types of crucial business decisions you’ll be charged with every day. And it’s here where you’ll be fully engaged in our customer first philosophy – one of our founding values that has become synonymous with the Enterprise name.

    Are you ambitious? Hard-working? Love the satisfaction you get from helping customers and managing a team? Then you’re ready for Enterprise.

  • Social Responsibility

      Our commitment to give back.  Our legacy of environmental stewardship.

      Both came together in one of our largest ever philanthropic efforts - the Enterprise 50 Million Tree Pledge.

      Working with the Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service, the Enterprise Foundation is underwriting the planting of 50 million trees over 50 years in National Forests around the country. The grant also funds tree-planting initiatives in international locations where we do business, including Europe and Canada. In total, it is a gift of $50 million in today's dollars.

      In 2010, this collaborative effort planted its 5 millionth tree.  We hit that milestone in the course of several planting projects selected to help preserve forests that are essential to local water sources.  These included two forests in California, where 50 percent of the water supply originates in the state's national forests. The plantings will help improve the health of watersheds, which are important to the drainage of rainfall into streams, ponds, rivers and lakes. ...

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