• Alberta-School-Employee-Benefit-Plan
  • The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP)

    If you thrive on teamwork, on the open exchange of ideas, and on the knowledge that you can always learn and improve, then a career at ASEBP is for you!

    ASEBP is a health and welfare trust governed by ten Trustees, five of whom are appointed by the Alberta School Boards Association and five of whom are appointed by the Alberta Teachers' Association. ASEBP promotes programs that sustain healthy lifestyles and workplaces for over 56,000 covered members in almost 60 school jurisdictions across Alberta. Innovative initiatives such as the Healthy Living Program are coordinated to positively influence the healthy decisions covered members make. These programs compliment the comprehensive benefit coverage ASEBP offers to covered members.

    Working for ASEBP is about more than supplying great benefits. ASEBP offers:

    • a team-focused culture that supports people and performance
    • competitive compensation that goes far beyond a paycheque
    • an exciting chance to make an impact in the lives of Alberta’s school employees
    • advancement opportunities in a stable, growing organization

    Visit our website at www.asebp.ab.ca for more information!

  • Compensation

      ASEBP’s innovative compensation refers to the total rewards package our employees receive. This total rewards package includes comprehensive benefits, competitive salaries, and all the other things that make ASEBP a great place to work.

      Pay and Benefits

      Working at ASEBP will provide you with a salary that is highly competitive within the marketplace, as well as the opportunity to earn performance-based raises. ASEBP is an organization that recognizes potential, celebrates hard work, and encourages growth.

      As a provider of health benefits and related services, ASEBP is able to offer you a great benefits package. While benefit packages vary depending on terms of employment, the following is a list of benefits that you could receive: ...

  • Company Culture

      The world of benefits is an exciting one. Gone are the days of simply paying or reimbursing individuals for claims. There is growing interest in alternative health care that has created a demand for broader and more non-traditional coverage. Consumer expectations have increased dramatically regarding service.

      ASEBP is different from traditional insurance companies – it is a holistic health organization committed to creating resources designed to foster healthy lifestyles and healthy workplaces. At ASEBP, our goal is to support individuals in their efforts to make the educational experiences of Alberta’s students the best they can be. ...

  • Career Advancement Opportunities

      ASEBP always encourages staff to learn and grow, no matter what stage of their career they are at. ASEBP invites staff to take classes, attend seminars, and grow into the position they want. The growth opportunities here at ASEBP are endless.

      Education Fund and ASEBP Academy

      An education fund is allocated yearly to staff members to support their continual learning and to provide them with the training necessary to grow within the organization. Employees are completely or partially reimbursed for any further education they take related to their position or potential future position.

      In addition to the education fund, we offer the ASEBP Academy – an internal learning and development program for all staff members. Topics are developed by leadership in order to be applicable to the work we at ASEBP do every day. Take this opportunity to learn alongside your peers, and maybe discover a new area of interest! ...

  • Social Responsibility

      Becoming involved in the community and being socially responsible is a top priority for ASEBP. We believe that it is equally important for our organization to contribute to a more eco-friendly future as it is to give back to Alberta’s communities.

      Charitable Spirit

      ASEBP is an organization with a social conscience. Giving back is so ingrained in our Best Practices and everyday work life that generosity has become second nature.

      Our Casual for a Cause initiative focuses on a different charity every month. Employees donate to these charities and in return have the option of participating in Casual Fridays. When emergencies and disasters strike our local or global community, our employees have even taken it upon themselves to organize blood drives, food drives, and further donations. ...