• Aecon

    As one of the Best Employers in Canada, Aecon believes in investing in its people. Our employees enjoy a challenging and engaging work environment, and new employees quickly learn they’ve joined a company that recognizes achievement .


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    As the largest publicly traded construction and infrastructure development company in Canada, Aecon has been building things that matter for more than a century. Aecon and its predecessor companies have helped build many of Canada's most famous infrastructure landmarks from the CN Tower and the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Calgary Olympic Oval and the Halifax Shipyards. Perhaps even more importantly, we've also helped build hundreds of things that aren't so famous; like of factories, roads, sewers, theatres, book stores, power plants, paint shops, arts centres, offices, hotels and gas distribution networks that help many Canadians live their lives everyday.


    Employee Recognition

    Aecon has several employee recognition programs, including the Above and Beyond program which recognizes employees who demonstrate one of Aecon’s five core values.  Other recognition programs include Employee Long Services Awards and Employee Achievement Awards.



    Safety is the first of Aecon's core values and is an important and non-negotiable aspect of working at Aecon. We take working safely seriously, and we promote and assist our employees in doing so as well.

    At Aecon all sites and offices participate in our annual Safety Day event which is an opportunity to discuss, celebrate, and remind ourselves about the importance of safe work habits.


    Corporate Social Responsibility

    At Aecon, we strive to achieve value – employee, customer, shareholder and community value in everything Aecon builds and manages. We have a shared pride in the sustainability achievements that are being completed. 

    Aecon believes in building relationships within communities by contributing to the areas served by our company, either by our corporate involvement or through the services we provide.  Our successful flagship projects include LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver and gold buildings, our idling program at Quito and our core value of Safety First.  As well, we provide waste reduction and recycling practices, renewable energy solutions and community and charitable services.